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Eco friendly backyard brings together all of the options that can help make your backyard, (and front yard!) ecologically more sustainable and friendly to our environment.

We don’t attempt to do everything. There are many people in Western Australia who specialize and do their thing well.  As I have been doing my own backyard makeover I have come across many enthusiastic professionals and am happy to refer you to them.

If you believe we as humans are leaving a footprint in this planet, and we should be putting something back, then welcome to the Eco friendly backyard.

If you watch the nightly news and see what you think is the result of human activity, for example, hotter summers, dryer winters, with floods, or droughts, and wonder what you, as an individual can do, then maybe the answer is to look in your own backyard.
My father used to tell me, “if you look after your pennies, then your pounds will look after themselves. If we all look after our own backyards, then maybe, first our local community, and then our state, and then our nation, and ultimately, the planet, would reap the rewards.  I have a large block in an outer Perth suburb. I measured my backyard. It was 22 metres by 13 metres. That measures 286 square metres. Less a 5 by 8 metre shed and we are left with 246 metres.   What can you do with 246 square metres of land?
Tip!  If you want to measure you back yard but don’t have a long tape, the average stride of a person is one metre.  A stride is what you would do on a power walk.  Alternatively, some of the “satellite photo” applications will allow you to bring up a satellite display and measure your backyard.
One of my neighbours are a lovely Italian couple. I noticed when they moved in they gradually replaced ornamental trees with trees that could produce something you could eat. So I followed their example.

I didn’t go out to the backyard and pull everything out at once, but I developed a mindset that as my ornamental trees either died or went into decline, I replaced them with a tree that I could eat the fruit from.

I now have a lemon tree, an orange tree, two apple trees, a nectarine tree, and a grape and a passionfruit vine.

I noticed my neighbours also put an extensive vegetable garden in their backyard. I often talk to them and have gained much knowledge from them.                                  

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Tip!    There is no point in producing a vegetable or fruit crop and having your harvest decimated by pests. There is also no point in spraying your crop with pesticides that could make you crook.   There are a multitude of pest control methods out there.  You should do your homework and wherever possible, choose safe organic options.   Any of the larger garden centres will offer advice. If they don’t, go to someone else and when you find someone good support them.