Eco Friendly Backyard

What about Fruit Trees?
Shortly after we moved into the house, my mother turned up one day with a lemon tree in a pot. She gave all my siblings a gift of a lemon tree. My mother grew up in the bush. I think she knew I would grow to love the earth long before I did.

I originally planted the lemon tree against the back fence where the hen house now resides, but it failed to thrive as it was in the shade of a big gum tree. After about 3 years of struggling, I moved it to its current location. To my surprise it not only survived, but thrived. It produces a year round crop of Lemon’s. To the right of the Lemon tree I have a Navel orange tree. This is nearly 10 years old. While it doesn’t look that big it produces a reasonable crop of juicy Orange’s. I also have two Apple tree’s, one a double graft.
Tip! To help control pests in your fruit tree’s look under your sink and see if you have some old nylon or plastic cutting boards. The lighter the colour the better. You then paint it with one of many available eco friendly fruit fly baits.
The pests are attracted to the large, light surface area as a landing place and are then contaminated by the eco friendly pest control.

Here we have a double grafted apple tree. We lose a lot of fruit to birds, and parrots seem to take pleasure in simply biting the stalk and letting the fruit drop to the ground. We have no wish to harm the birds, however we like our home grown apples so we have tried two things. One is the netting you can obtain from your local hardware store for about $5.00, and the second is I have finally found a use for my old Barry Manilow CD’s. I have several of them hanging around my fruit trees and they seem to do the trick.