Eco Friendly Backyard

What about Grey Water?
We need to conserve water. How can we do this? Grey water is water that has been used and will have extra ingredients including detergents, soap, etc. If it goes down the sewerage system it is wasted. It can be reused with certain qualifications. This would be water you get from your washing machine, sink, shower, bath, etc, but not your toilet! You should check with your local council for the grey water standards in your area.
1. The grey water from our washing machine goes on our lawn. We simply connect a 19 mm hose to our washing machine hose. Warning. Be aware you should not put a smaller hose on your washing machine hose as the back pressure may damage your machine.
2. We keep a 9 litre plastic bucket in our shower and this water also gets used outside. With 5 adults resident we would save approximately 45 litres a day.
3. We have an evaporative air conditioner and this regularly changes its water and vents the old water. We collect this with a commercial wheelie bin I got from Bunnings. It is about 120 litres, coloured blue, with a hole pre drilled in the lid, and a drain tap down the bottom. We connected a hose to the air conditioner drain and put it in the top of the bin. When the bin is near full we simply wheel it to where we want to water and open the tap at the bottom. It comes as a kit and cost us around $70.00. Very handy in summer. Recycles about 100 litres a week.
Tip! I was in Bunnings recently and I saw a product you can add to your grey water to neutralize the soaps and make the water more usable.