Eco Friendly Backyard

More History of Ecofriendlybackyard?
When I purchased my house it had a mixed front garden of native and European trees and shrubs. For some time I have had the view that I wanted an essentially native garden but I would not needlessly pull out an established European tree and shrub before it’s time. However, when their time comes, I replace them with hardy, water friendly native plants. It also had raised sprayers which were inefficient and had a lot of run off as well as water repellent soils. I built these brick walls around my garden beds, put in mulch and a trickle irrigation system.
This has saved me significant water and has allowed me to slowly build up the soil quality. You may have noticed my former front lawn is now my front “sand.” Keeping my verge lawn alive was using too much water and was not sustainable long term. You may be able to see my neighbour’s shire verge in the background. Both of my neighbours have used watered in road base and my neighbour across the road has used rolled and watered gravel. I haven’t made up my mind what to put there. Any idea’s.
You should be aware Shires have views on what you can and should not put on their verge so you should consult your local shire.
Tip!  The result you get from your pot garden depends to a large extent on the quality of the soil you put into your pots. I buy a good quality potting mix and add chook poo from cleaning my hen house. Allow it to sit for a week or so as the chook poo can burn if it’s fresh.