Eco Friendly Backyard

What about Pet Stock?
If your eco friendly backyard has live animals or birds, you have a moral obligation, at the very least, to maintain their health and well being. It’s not that hard. We have had hens for approximately 20 years and they are easy maintenance. A lot of it is commonsense.
1. Don’t over crowd or over graze them. Most Councils have limits on the amount of animals or birds you can have at any one time. Check with your local council.
2. Cleanliness. Keep the hen house clean. I put the chook poo into a compost type bin and reuse it in my gardens.
3. Keep one of those commercial fly traps in your hen house. It will help to reduce the problems from fly’s, midges, mosquito’s, etc.
4. Make sure your animals and birds always have fresh water and shade. If it’s going to be a warm day I put a second water container in their yard in case they knock one over. If you don’t have natural shade, make something out of 90% shadecloth.
5. Rodents. If you have animals and birds you may attract mice or rats. Most of my neighbours have cats and I have Jack Russell’s so I don’t have a major problem, but occasionally I will get some in. You need to deal with them. Don’t use baits because your stock could eat them. Commercial traps with peanut paste on them usually do the trick.