Eco Friendly Backyard

What about Water Saving?
For years I have watched the rain run off my roof and down the street, into drains, and thought, what a waste! Eventually we purchased and installed a 3,000 litre tank. We watched with excitement every time it rained. We must have looked like gooses running to the tanks in the rain to check the levels! Eventually it overflowed. All of this water goes on our pot plants, Pets, and garden during the summer.

Underground water storage.

Some Local Governments require all storm water from your roof to be collected and fed into the drainage system through a connected system. This all ends up in the river, and eventually the sea. I believe this is dumb. We can divert rain water into water tanks but what happens when they are full? You can not see them but I have installed a series of underground water collection area’s. There is one to the right of my orange tree. I don’t have underground water “storage tanks” although you can get them, I have soak wells which divert rain water and deposit it approximately one metre underground near my fruit trees.
Tip!    Did you know! I’m sure you all have a plastic 9 litre bucket. Our 3,000 litre tank equates to over 300 of these. This is enough to keep my pot garden supplied with water through summer.
Save your air-conditioning water. I purchased a 120 litre wheelie bin from my local hardware store. I then drilled a hole in the lid and another at the bottom into which I put a tap. When it gets about half full I wheel it onto my back lawn and water it. It cost me about $70.00 but my local hardware store has a similar blue one made for this purpose with the holes and tap already there.